Dimensions of Holistic Health

The Health Tree

These five dimensions are the foundation of our organization, and the primary focus of our efforts. We believe that a harmony must exist between the following areas of your health:

Health Tree: Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Physical & Occupational Health


Intellectual healthHealth Tree - IntellectualEncouraging creative and stimulating mental activity helps keep us healthy and young at mind. Challenge yourself to ask questions, be open to new ideas, and learn new skills. Exposure to varied experiences leads us to be more open-minded and attuned to the world around us. Our thoughts influence our decisions, so keep both energized and fresh!


Spiritual healthHealth Tree - SpiritualThe deepest values and principles in which we believe, through which we derive the essence of our being. Spiritual wholeness is an important contributor to good health, as it brings harmony, focus, direction, and balance to our lives. The development of personal meaning can result from feeling connected, expressing compassion and love for others, remaining optimistic, being able to forgive, and having the ability to experience joy and peace in life.


Social healthHealth Tree - SocialBeing a well-integrated member of the community encourages personal growth. Surrounding ourselves with a supportive social network also contributes to our emotional health, happiness, and helps us make healthier choices. Through positive relationships we build confidence and high self-esteem. Contributing to society and experiencing enthusiasm for life are key to living a healthy lifestyle.


Physical healthHealth Tree - PhysicalOptimal physical health occurs when our bodies are functioning at their highest potential. This results from healthy habits such as good nutrition, an active lifestyle, regular sleep pattern, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking, drug use, or heavy drinking. Preventive care also includes getting regular physical exams, taking steps to prevent injury, and being cognizant of the signs of disease.


Occupational healthHealth Tree - OccupationalExperiencing the satisfaction and pride of supporting ourselves and our family, and realizing the impact our chosen career field has on the society we live in, give our lives a sense of value and importance. Personal fulfillment from our jobs also gives us daily purpose. The ability to balance our career expectations and our lives outside of work is crucial in maintaining a healthy level of stress.