The stories we tell ourselves matter. However, so often these tales that are so fundamental to who we are, are based upon just some of the truths from our complex and beautiful lives. When we change the narrative, we open new possibilities for our happiness and effectiveness and well-being. (Read more on the Narratives We Tell Ourselves, here.)

However, we affect other people’s narratives too.

Think back to a time when someone did something—offered you a kindness, or treated you in some manner—that changed you. Maybe it caused you to go into a different career. Maybe, for the first time, you saw a strength or talent you never knew you had. But somehow, what they said or did fundamentally changed the way you saw yourself. These “trigger moments” might be positive, or they could be hurtful too. Either way, we never know who is going to say that thing that matters, or when. It could be a client or a teacher or a neighbor. Most likely, when that person was saying whatever it was that altered the arc of your life, they had no idea.